Chalkbox usually works in three core areas: Identity & Branding (logos and the visual elements that support them); Interactive Design (so brands can reach audiences online); and Print Design (such as brochures and magazines).
Our Approach
What can we make for you?

Web Design

A better experience for visitors.

A website can enhance your brand, position your business as an authority, and prompt visitors to engage with you. It can do the opposite of those things too - Yikes!

Key questions to ask yourself: Is it aligned with your brand identity? Can visitors find the content they need? Are they able to easily contact you? Does the online experience prompt them to engage with your product and/or service?

Who might need web design?

New businesses

Companies with new or expanded services, locations, or personnel

Organizations that have reached a milestone or achievement

Firms that rely heavily on their website for marketing and sales

Any business with an outdated website

How Chalkbox can help

We design (and redesign) websites that reflect your brand and tell your story, projecting professionalism and success while giving customers the information they need.

Read about how we helped WECO redesign its online experience.

Fred Schoen Fiduciary Services Identity

Fred Schoen Fiduciary Services



If you need something you don’t see here, just ask!

We have been known to take on some interesting, way-out-of-the-box projects—they turn out great for clients, and they’re a lot of fun for us.
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