Chalkbox usually works in three core areas: Identity & Branding (logos and the visual elements that support them); Interactive Design (so brands can reach audiences online); and Print Design (such as brochures and magazines).
Our Approach
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Identity & Branding / Print Design / Web Design

Identity & Branding

Every business has a story.

Often, a potential client’s first impression of your business comes from your brand identity—that is, the visual elements that reinforce your brand. (Note: Your brand is not just your logo.) Does it make you appear professional? Does it differentiate you from competitors? Does it tell the story you want it to tell?

A well-designed brand identity does all of those things, and much more. It can:

Drive business and generate referrals

Illustrate your core values and culture

Set customer expectations and increase credibility

Connect with audiences on an emotional level

Increase employee pride and motivation

Help raise money for an organization’s cause

Who might need a new brand identity?

New businesses

Companies that have expanded into new markets or services

Firms with old or outdated logos

Organizations celebrating milestones—anniversaries, etc.

Any business or organization that needs to reach new audiences

How Chalkbox can help

No matter what impression you’re trying to make, or what goals you have for your business, our experienced branding experts can create the right pieces to help tell your story.

Read our case study about the new brand identity we designed for
Nice Seattle Homes.

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Bad Cat Events

Seattle Trike

Seattle Trike

Spark Impact

Spark Impact

Headwaters Coaching

Headwaters Coaching

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