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How we do our work at Chalkbox has changed. We’re sure it has for you, too.

What we do hasn’t changed, however. In fact, we think it’s more important than ever.

Branding and graphic design can help you mitigate these circumstances, easing the impact on your customers and your business until we get back to some sort of “normal.” It can set the stage for a fast rebound when everything starts up again. It might even enable you to come through this in a better position to win business—and that would be incredible.

What do you need?

I need to communicate changes in how we do business.

You can make these changes more visible with signs or banners to let customers know what’s up when they come by your now-closed (or just-reopened) storefront/office. “We take orders online!” or “We are washing our hands and wearing masks! Come on in!” For digital customers, a display ad or graphics for social media can serve the same purposes.

Design also can play a role if your business is pursuing a more significant shift. For example, one of our education clients has created “you're accepted” and “graduation-in-a-box” packages—something special and memorable for students who are missing out on the typical ceremonies and events.

I want to sprint forward while my competitors are resting.

As our friend Mike Plaster said the other day: “Don’t just reopen. Relaunch."

Some businesses are taking advantage of this pause to differentiate themselves, focusing on the longer-term initiatives that often get pushed to the back burner when the day-to-day is too busy. Rebranding with a new logo and website can signal to customers that you’re more than just open—you’re revitalized and better than ever, while your competitors are taking time to start up again.

Top it off with a refined pitch, redesigned proposal materials, and a new presentation deck, and you’ll be well ahead of the game.

I have to figure out what to do with my event.

While events may never be the same again, they’re not going away. Businesses are finding that many conferences and meetings can move online without diminishing their impact or value.

Now is an excellent time to try virtual events, because everyone understands why this shift is necessary. Your audience likely will be very willing to participate, and they’re almost certain to be very forgiving as well. But instead of offering a “Brady Bunch” grid of executives sitting at their kitchen tables in various windows, you can use design to exceed expectations and elevate the experience.

Branded backdrops for speakers hide the dirty dishes and add polish; they can be either physical or virtual. Animated loops can occupy the screen between speakers or in the online waiting area. Presentation decks, which now will be seen by your audience from just a foot or two away, must be designed to communicate clearly and build credibility.

You can make things feel more upscale—and create an in-person vibe—before the event, too. Send a welcome packet featuring an invitation, agenda, folder, notebook, perhaps even a gift. Add convenience by providing an attractive landing page with registration and agenda details. And after it’s all over, leave a lasting impression by giving people the opportunity to view past presentations and other information online.

I just want to talk over my options.

The decision to spend money (or not) is always one that requires careful consideration, and it’s even more difficult now. We completely understand, because we’re a small business facing the same challenges. If you want to chat about your situation, hear our thoughts and ideas, and see if there’s something we can do to help, drop us a line anytime.

Fred Schoen Website and Identity

Fred Schoen

Eastside Prep Event-in-a-Box

Eastside Prep Event-in-a-Box

Seattle Trike Website and Identity

Seattle Trike Website and Identity

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