Referring to Chalkbox

A referral to your friends and colleagues is the greatest compliment we can receive.
You know an amazing person with an amazing business that is ready to grow. And you know branding is (or should be) a part of their strategic plan. We’d be honored to find out if we can be of value to them. No pressure. No commitment. Just a friendly conversation.

How to make an introduction

Send an email. If you know someone we should be talking to, you can copy and modify the following content to connect us.

I’m delighted to introduce you to someone who might be a fit for your brand-building efforts.

Chalkbox Creative ( creates brands for businesses who understand the critical role of branding in their success. Their services include brand strategy and design, website design/build, and print media of all kinds. They do all this through a transparent, concept-first model that brings you into the design process.

Chalkbox’s expertise is in supporting clients going through and emerging from big organizational changes that have branding implications. That might be after a merger or a change in leadership, or some other significant transition in the business. Our conversation led me to believe their expertise might be valuable in your current situation. They’ve been doing this work for nearly two decades and I trust them to take care of my friends and colleagues.

You can learn more at And if you’re ready to connect with them now, you can book a conversation using this link:

Share our overview. If it will be helpful, you can also download and share our agency overview document.

Download overview

What they can expect

New collaborators

In addition to referrals of those who might use our services directly, Chalkbox is also interested in knowing the trusted professionals in your network. Perhaps we can collaborate and exchange referrals. These are the people we want to meet.

  • Fractional CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers)
  • Business development coaches and consultants
  • Marketing consultants and professionals
  • Post-merger integration coaches and consultants
  • Brand strategy and marketing strategy professionals
  • Family business and succession coaches and consultants