Redesigning the website for a Seattle contractor

An updated experience for their 30th year

Website Design

Cobalt Construction has been renovating homes in the Pacific Northwest for 30 years (at the time of this writing). Their mission is out front—they remodel classic Seattle homes (sometimes 100 years old) to fit today’s modern lifestyle. They excel in this work, and in keeping the soul of the structure intact.

Matching the mission

Cobalt brings a wealth of experience to the table, executing each project masterfully, with craft and precision. And as they hit the 30-year mark, their website needed a remodel to fit today’s digital ecosystem. Replacing a website of 10+ years, our redesign would bring it forward to meet current web design conventions and user expectations. This was especially critical in a city full of tech-professionals.

The redesign would also bring the website into alignment with Cobalt’s brand update, completed a few years prior.

Showcasing quality and craft

Cobalt’s customers are focused on quality. And so is Cobalt. Our redesign of their website needed to push the quality of the work to the front. An improved project gallery would demonstrate their craft and precision through large, high-quality photography, backing up the stories of the families that trust Cobalt with their home.

That the intuitive and clear experience on the website mirrors their own approach to craft and precision and quality is a bonus. Visitors easily find what they want to see. And the content (through collaboration with Plaster Consulting Group) is scannable and direct, with a tone that is appropriate for their target audience.

How fresh is your website?

If your website was built years ago, it may not match the quality of your offering. At Chalkbox, we help our clients bring their websites brands forward, to provide what their audience needs to see.