Pace’s Update

A fresh new look to go with fresh produce


Event Support

It takes time for fruits and vegetables to make their way from the field to the grocery store, and Pace International helps protect them during that journey. Pace is a “postharvest” company specializing in products that maintain the freshness and visual appeal of produce—from the day it’s picked to the day you take it home. As a leader in their industry, Pace sought out Chalkbox’s graphic design services to increase both customer awareness and retention of the brand message.

Pace brochures

Clear advantages

Pace has an already-established brand and excellent reputation in the industry as the leading partner for postharvest solutions. The company is renowned for helping customers get the most out of their products, from maximizing the quantity suitable for boxing to maintaining quality and appearance through retail distribution.

A key differentiator is the Pace team, which includes several PhDs and experts in the postharvest segment across all major crops—along with knowledgeable staff in sales, marketing, support, lab services and other areas. A deep understanding of customers’ operations and challenges allows Pace to be responsive, reliable and prepared, while remaining at the forefront of technical service, innovation and research.

Pace palette

More than just good looks

Pace leaders asked Chalkbox to create attractive materials for a range of products and solutions—while maintaining a consistent feel throughout. Messaging, information and visuals all needed to be clear, understandable and easy to identify as coming from Pace.

This ideal is something we strive for in all of our projects. For a brand to reinforce the desired message each and every time someone experiences it (which is the goal, of course), it needs to be consistent across all uses. That’s why we provide clients with guidance on logo placement and usage, appropriate files for a range of applications, and other support.

Interior of Pace brochures

Watching ideas grow

We began by asking Pace a lot of questions about the target audience and also conducted our own research on the design approach of competitors. Our goal was to create a clean, consistent look that adhered to Pace’s current branding while positioning the company as professional, knowledgeable, and the leader in postharvest solutions.

On a more specific level, the tradeshow materials needed to accomplish several things: increase Pace’s visibility in the industry, show the breadth of the company’s capabilities, highlight its sub-brands for individual products, and utilize visual assets that illustrate the benefits of choosing Pace—attractive, delicious and protected produce. Chalkbox worked closely with Pace on iterations of several crop- and product-specific brochures, and the company also needed banners. We spent a lot of time communicating with the company about photo selection; while we try to eat our fruits and veggies regularly, what might look like a perfect apple to us could get a very different response from Pace’s experts.

With the event date nearing, timing was also a consideration.


‘I loved how we could meet up’

“I loved how we could meet up and go over things in person,” one team member told us. “We tried many designers from other regions of the country and it was so much harder. We would have to go through a lot of drafts in order to get our vision across. Thank you!”

Jorge Gotuzzo, Pace International

Has your business evolved?

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