Foundation for Early Learning

Brand support for a great cause


Foundation for Early Learning (FEL) was one of Chalkbox’s first clients. We worked with them each year to design and produce invitations, programs, note cards, presentation templates, and other odds and ends for their annual fundraising luncheon. Their work was infinitely instrumental in elevating early learning efforts in Washington state. The organization was the very definition of “good people doing good work,” which is the type of organization we like to work with.

After more than a decade of good work, FEL merged with Thrive by Five to create THRIVE, which is still doing great things for our kids here in Washington.


Brochure design for Founding for Early Learning

Below is the result of a request for a trio of brochures for three different audiences. After discussing the three brochures, which were to be largely identical, Chalkbox suggested a single, general-purpose brochure with three insert cards that could tailor it for its three audiences. This was a more cost-effective and efficient use of paper and resources, and gave them the fourth piece they weren’t even looking for—a general-purpose brochure.


Has your business evolved?

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