Designing the Website for The Diabetes Link

The right website for the right audience

Website Design

with implementation and development by Adoration

Following our brand identity project for The Diabetes Link—a national community for students and young adults with diabetes—the organization needed to incorporate the new look and feel on its website.

We were grateful to have the opportunity to continue our work with “The Link,” which provides vital resources and support so those facing diabetes know they aren’t alone—and that, in fact, they can thrive.

High expectations

The brand strategy information we used as the foundation for The Link’s identity project came in handy for the website work; we also worked closely with stakeholders to get a sense for the expectations of The Link’s audience, which consists of people who have lifelong experience with screens and digital interaction. This means they expect websites and mobile experiences to work perfectly, with the brand consistently represented throughout.

In addition, it’s incredibly important not to speak down to this audience: Faced with a serious medical condition that can leave them feeling scared and isolated, they want—and deserve—to be treated with respect.

Broad research

We did a wide survey of websites and digital experiences in the diabetes space, as well as unrelated websites whose target audiences aligned with The Diabetes Link. We found that the best websites in the latter category are easily navigated and easy to understand, with content that takes the audience seriously. Additionally, the branding is consistently extended throughout the digital experience.

Bringing the design to life

In order to get a solid sense of what the individual components would be like, we focused initially on general styling elements before creating a wireframe for the rest of the site. This helped us understand how to best help users move through the site and quickly access the information they need. Once we felt we had a solid structure, we began full-fidelity mock-ups in preparation for testing and handoff to the developer.

The final site is sleek and intuitive, no small feat for a website that serves as a vast repository of information (various pages and sections include a robust Resource Hub, Peer Perspectives, All Things College, and many others). The implementation of the brand colors help carry forward the personality of the new identity—without overwhelming, trying too hard, or feeling obtrusive. We also found opportunities to build on components from the logo mark and use them in subtle ways that reinforce the brand throughout the site.

Full of resources yet friendly, it is a site that is easy to navigate, reassuring, and fully appropriate for the audience that will use it—whether on a mobile device or a desktop.

Bringing the design to life

If your website hasn’t been redesigned in years, it’s probably not working as well as it should to attract the people you want to reach. And when you couple it when a new brand identity, the results can be even more powerful.