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Brand Identity


Bad Cat Events, which plans and produces events in the Pacific Northwest and across the U.S., is a longtime client and collaborator of Chalkbox. After working together on many event-production projects, we have an immense amount of respect for the company’s skill and approach to business. When you hear us say, “We like to do good work for good people,” we’re referring to clients like Bad Cat Events.

The owner of Bad Cat Events approached us because she wanted to expand the company’s client base. New branding was needed to position Bad Cat Events as a vendor with the capabilities to manage high-stakes events for large companies, while remaining accessible to smaller clients as well.


Tiptoeing between ‘edgy’ and ‘safe’

Bad Cat Events handles a wide range of events: things like technical product launches, multi-day meetings and experiences, international press conferences. As different as these events are, they all need to be engaging and memorable—and Bad Cat Events needed a brand to match. We wanted to find a solution that wasn’t too edgy or trendy, but that also didn’t lean too far toward feeling corporate or safe.

Even more important, the brand needed to reflect the precision and overall feel of the Bad Cat Event’s experience: We get things done. We do things well. You can trust us to handle all the details, so you can focus on the big picture. With that in mind, we talked with the owner about her goals, current and desired target audiences, and the general creative direction for this project.


The bad and the good

Somewhat surprisingly, our research into the visual brand landscape of corporate event planners (including regional and national competitors of Bad Cat Events) revealed some bad, some good, but mostly a lot of room for improvement. Many rely on dull colors and default typography, creating a stodgy look, while others lack cohesion and professional execution.

Of course, “bad” takes on a different meaning for Bad Cat Events—it’s about being bad-ass, a company you turn to when you absolutely need your event to succeed. Bad Cat Events has always done a good job of differentiating itself through its work; now we had a chance to help further differentiate it through a more effective brand.

Coming back to the cat

Cats are controlled and confident—two words that also can be used to describe Bad Cat Events—so focusing on the cat itself became the approach. But it couldn’t be just any cat; we chose to combine the form of a house cat and a lion, capturing the small, nimble, and fierce essence of the company. (The cats of one of our designers, Adam, became models for this project.)

The final product is a black cat with an abstract, flame-like mane, stepping over modified bold type with bright splashes of color. It is illustrative and playful, interesting and comfortable, yet still feels controlled and iconic. The new Bad Cat Events brand identity inspires confidence in clients of all sizes while sending a signal that the company is more than capable—it’s got a unique style and flair, too, a sense of fun. And what event doesn’t need a little bit of that?

BadCat stationary

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