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Website Design

in partnership with Adoration

EdVisions is an nonprofit that advocates for (and designs) public-education systems to ensure all students have access to quality learning opportunities in schools. Ultimately, the organization’s mission is to help develop inspired learners who are prepared for success at their next step—whether in college, a career, or simply as a global citizen.

The nonprofit’s website needed a new design of its own, however: An excessive number of pages made navigation difficult, and much of the information on those pages was outdated as well. Not ideal for an education-focused organization.

EdVisions contacted Chalkbox to help craft a new site—but required a lightning-fast turnaround in order to launch by the beginning of “school season.”

Ramping up quickly

Because the entire site had to be reorganized, rewritten, redesigned, and rebuilt within a month, we had to forego our typical robust research of competitors and similar organizations. This valuable time was much better spent looking more deeply at EdVisions and its audience—which includes school leaders such as teachers and administrators who want to create more meaningful environments for learning.

We also had existing brand guidelines to help guide our work; not only were we looking to design a more efficient and thoughtful navigation experience for visitors, we wanted to breathe new life and color into the website as well.

An even stronger focus on collaboration

Our process ensures that every Chalkbox project is collaborative—but in this particular instance, with no time to research or work up several different design concepts, EdVisions' leaders had to be involved at every step. They were more than up to the challenge, and helped us understand some of the key considerations: For example, it was important to use photos that depict interactive instruction, hands-on learning, and diversity in order to align with the learning model and practices EdVisions helps schools build. Stereotypical classroom photos of a teacher standing at the front of the room or hovering over students wouldn’t send the right message.

The new site elevates EdVisions’ existing brand style with a more lively, human, inspiring experience. The main colors and logo remain, providing continuity, but now additional layers of texture and strong photography give the website an overall sense of vibrant optimism that wasn’t there before.

Equally important, the streamlined experience gives audiences an easier, more engaging way to access information and learn—which, fittingly, is what EdVisions aims to do for students. The organization was thrilled with the site, and we were able to hit the desired timeline (some other firms had said it would be impossible, according to the executive director). This project was a testament to the power of collaboration, which allowed us to move at an unusually quick pace while still meeting project goals.

"Chalkbox was just what we needed for an organizational reboot."

The whole team was a delight to work with. They asked terrific questions in order to understand who we are, who we are becoming, and who we want to reach. They helped us highlight the best parts of our organization in dynamic and engaging ways. They were sensitive to our budget and timeline, and responsive to my many questions. The initial site was completed on schedule and on budget as promised. And they are providing excellent training so that we can handle urgent editing needs ourselves. I look forward to working with Chalkbox for future projects!

– Tracy Money, Executive Director, Edvisions

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