How to evaluate a graphic designer (before you hire them)

Whether or not you choose to work with Chalkbox, we want you to find the right graphic designer for your organization and your project. Why? Because we understand what’s at stake for your business. In addition to being designers, we’re running a business, too, and we know these kinds of decisions have a lasting impact. Besides, healthy competition motivates us …

How to provide great feedback to your graphic designer

Successful design begins with questions and communication between the you (client) and your designer. Typically, this takes the form of a creative brief, where designer and client meet to define the design problem, reveal project critical details, outline goals, and discuss the scope of work to be done. This initial conversation sets the stage for a successful project, but an …

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Brochure design for non-profit Foundation for Early Learning

Foundation for Early Learning (FEL), a long-time client of Chalkbox (and one of our first), approached Chalkbox for a trio of brochures for three different audiences. After discussing the three brochures, which were to be largely identical, Chalkbox suggested a single, general-purpose brochure with three insert cards that could tailor it for its three audiences. This was a more cost-effective and efficient use of …

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Identity design for real estate firm Home With Mark

After his business partner retired, Seattle real-estate agent Mark wanted to create a new brand that reflected himself in a way the partnership’s brand never could. Chalkbox helped Mark create the “Home with Mark” brand, designing logo, additional branding elements, and full stationery package.