Foundational branding & creative design services

We work with clients to create strategic brands that connect with their audience, their goals, and their people.

Let us help you define your brand vision and bring it to life.


Branding & Creative Design Services

We have been refining our branding and creative design services for two decades. Our processes yield results for clients who understand the value and impact of brand and design.

Learn about our core offering below. Discover how Chalkbox can make your brand or design effort a success.

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Brand audit & assessment

Smarter brand-building starts with understanding what you have, what’s not working, and what to fix. For those unsure of where to start with their marketing efforts, this baseline brand service can provide real clarity.

Give your business something it inherently lacks: an outside perspective. A brand assessment provides the ability to diagnose, to refine, and to evolve. It’s a springboard for what comes next.

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Brand strategy consulting

You can’t build a strong, memorable brand on assumptions. It’s based in reality and anchored in the future. Knowing what your organization does, believes, and wants to be; who it serves and why; who it’s competing against; and having the research to back that up makes all the difference.

Discover the threads that connect your brand to your audience and business goals in meaningful ways. With our brand strategy services, customized to your organization, those threads and connections become a path toward greater awareness, customer engagement, and more.

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Logo & brand design

Decisions are made with ever-increasing speed, and with more and more reliance on visual cues. A customer’s immediate and emotional reaction to your brand opens the door to conversation and decision (or it doesn’t).

That well designed brand is an investment in your future. Our unique approach and logo design services let us craft a brand identity that gets noticed. Build a memorable brand that reflects your business authentically, consistently, and uniquely across all channels, from your marketing materials to your website.

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Web design & development

A successful brand is only as solid as its website. A website validates, informs, and empowers. But all the amazing content your team creates means nothing if your target audience can’t find it or doesn’t stick around to see it.

Generate well-branded and content-rich user experiences that truly convert with our web design services.

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Print design

Disrupt and build on the digital patterns your audience encounters by meeting them in the physical world. Bring your brand identity into their hands and spaces as tangible, printed materials.

We work with clients to deliver print and graphic design services, because no brand experience is truly complete without them.





The right fit

Who is the perfect Chalkbox client? We work best with clients who understand and value the impact of brand and design, and who are genuinely interested in an open, collaborative process. Maybe they’ve stabilized as a team of 10, or maybe they’re still growing at 400; our team and processes will flex to fit. Mostly, though, they are good people doing important work, they like working with us, and we like working with them.

If you need help engaging with potential customers, building brand awareness, and reaching your goals, let us help you design that future.

Our work

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