What you can expect when you work with us

All too often, designers give the creative process priority over everything else, even things such as budget, deadlines and communication. The end product might be solid, but if a client feels frustrated and exasperated with the whole experience, was the project really a success?

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Agricultural Manufacturing Company Identity, Print, and Website design – WECO

WECO (Woodside Electronics Company) has been inventing and manufacturing equipment that sorts the tasty produce of our nation’s farmers at lightning speed. They have machines to sort walnuts, tomatoes, blueberries, wine grapes, olives, cranberries, and on and on. Chalkbox has been working with WECO since 2006, developing an overarching brand system, two websites, sales and marketing collateral, equipment operations manuals, branded apparel, and more.

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Seattle Fiduciary Services Identity and Website Design – Fred Shoen Fiduciary Services, Inc.

Fred Schoen Fiduciary Services had no coherent visual brand; no consistency of presentation across their materials and website. Chalkbox designed a new identity to present the firm with a level of credibility and seriousness required by clients seeking their services, and to reflect the firm’s 30 years of expert service in the Seattle area. The firm’s logo, stationery package, and website are the first pieces to have been developed. Learn more about why branding is so important.

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Seattle HR Consulting Company Website Redesign – Plum

Plum Seattle is a local HR Consulting firm. For their new website, our charge was to create a responsive website that the client could manage and that looked like it belonged in the current decade. We worked with our development partner at RealBasics to design and develop a site that projects the tremendous quality of their service, works on all screens, and provides the control over content that they needed.