The impacts of good and bad design

It’s easy to think of graphic design solely in terms of how something looks, but both good and bad design can have an impact that extends far beyond simple aesthetics.

What you can expect when you work with us

All too often, designers give the creative process priority over everything else, even things such as budget, deadlines and communication. The end product might be solid, but if a client feels frustrated and exasperated with the whole experience, was the project really a success?

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Rolla. Design in Action.

Rolla is all about fitness in action. That’s why Rolla’s owner came to Chalkbox. He wanted us to design posters that moved potential clients to engage. In order for their service offering to stand out they needed something bold, exciting, inviting, and accessible.

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Identity design for real estate firm Home With Mark

After his business partner retired, Seattle real-estate agent Mark wanted to create a new brand that reflected himself in a way the partnership’s brand never could. Chalkbox helped Mark create the “Home with Mark” brand, designing logo, additional branding elements, and full stationery package.

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Brochure design for non-profit Foundation for Early Learning

Foundation for Early Learning (FEL), a long-time client of Chalkbox (and one of our first), approached Chalkbox for a trio of brochures for three different audiences. After discussing the three brochures, which were to be largely identical, Chalkbox suggested a single, general-purpose brochure with three insert cards that could tailor it for its three audiences. This was a more cost-effective and efficient use of paper and resources, and gave them the fourth piece they weren’t even looking for—a general-purpose brochure.

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Book design and illustration for Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines

Washington State Department of Early Learning, along with a number of other concerned agencies and organizations, developed a year-by-year guideline document for parents, educators, and child-care providers in Washington State. Chalkbox was tasked with making an exhaustive and detailed stack of lists and guidelines approachable in nature and easy to navigate. After much exploration, we developed a series of illustrations around trees that followed and grew as the age levels increased through the book.