Six reasons you should use motion graphics

You’ll see buzzwords like “engagement” and “brand awareness” come up again and again when you’re doing your homework about motion graphic videos. That’s for good reason: When they’re done well, they can have a big impact on both of those things.

Motion graphics are a great way to keep your audience on your website—and interested in your company. That’s especially important these days, because it seems like attention spans are getting shorter by the minute.

But outside of improving vague measurements of engagement and brand awareness, what can these videos really do for your business? Here are six (buzzword-free) benefits to using motion graphics:

  1. They create a professional image for your company. Just like your logo and website, motion graphics are another way to reflect your dedication to quality—and when they’re done well, they leave viewers with a positive impression of your business.
  2. Videos capture your audience’s attention more quickly than text. One survey of consumers showed that given the choice between watching a video about a product or reading about it, four times as many would choose the video.
  3. Graphics help present data and communicate complex ideas effectively. Vision is our most dominant sense by far, and people learn best through pictures rather than text, according to John Medina, author of “Brain Rules.”
  4. Your SEO will get a boost. Video is an indicator to Google that you have quality content. It also drives traffic to your website, keeps people there longer and makes them more likely to share and link to your video—improving your search rankings.
  5. People will retain more of your message. It’s been said that people remember 10% of things they hear, 20% of things they read and 80% of things they see or do. Those numbers seem a bit too round to be scientifically accurate, but our brain does store information differently based on how we acquire it, experts say. So there’s more than a grain of truth to this notion.
  6. You’ll make more money. OK, we can’t exactly promise that. But when you combine the other benefits of motion graphic video—all of which are things that can help increase sales—it’s not hard to imagine your business bringing in more customers.

Are motion graphics right for you? The answer is almost certainly “yes,” but you shouldn’t just jump in without a plan. Get in touch with us today to talk about your goals and how we can help you reach them. You may also want to check out how we work.