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More than a fresh coat of paint

My neighbors finished remodeling their house immediately before listing it for sale. And it wasn’t just a fresh coat of paint to hide all the problems. It’s the real deal. This investment makes sense. They’ll get more offers, higher offers, and a higher sale price out of it. The ROI is there.

This applies to selling a business, too. More offers, higher offers, and a higher sale price come when a business is in optimal shape, growing, and profitable. LIke remodeling the kitchen can bump the sale price, juicing the brand and marketing systems with an overhaul can do the same.

And just like that kitchen remodel the neighbors wish they’d done years ago, it’s nice to do this a few years before selling so the increased profits can be enjoyed. Also, so those better numbers can tell a story of success.

We don’t do kitchens. We do the other thing. If you know someone who’s planning to transition out of their business in the next 5 to 10 years, we’d be happy to talk with them.

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