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Layers of engagement

A conversation last week led to this month’s newsletter topic. I was talking to someone about how we work with clients at the level of need that they bring with them. He observed, matter of factly, that I was describing distinct layers of need. His were much clearer than the words I'd been piecing together.

Here are those layers:

  1. cosmetic improvement (I’ll call this design)
  2. differentiation and positioning (I’ll call this strategy)
  3. using it well to generate more profit (I’ll call this application)

The ideal way to address any one of these layers is to address all three: clarify strategy in layer 2, plan application in layer 3, and execute design in layer 1. But that’s often not necessary…nor realistic.

Instead, we tailor our engagements to our client’s needs. They might only need a cosmetic website update (design), or they may need to research and redefine their audience (strategy) so their marketing (application) can actually move the needle. We plug in as needed.

Do you know someone with a gap or two to fill? If they’re worried about being upsold on things they don’t want or need, we’re happy to talk to them.

Thank you for reading.


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