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First understand, then act

Maybe it was a subcontractor or an employee. Maybe it was a new CRM or project management tool. Or maybe it was a new vendor. Chances are, at some point you chose poorly, and what you got didn’t fit what you needed.

I have done this more than once.

My first mistake (each time): I didn’t take time to understand what we really needed. I assumed I would be able to ‘sense’ the right choice.

My second mistake (each time): I acted without clarity and patience. I sabotaged the process.

What has helped (most of the time) is trying to first understand, then act. For me, this is a better way to approach important decisions like switching CRMs or vendors, or hiring an employee.

This same structure is embedded in our processes.

In the discovery phase of a project, we work with clients to reach a shared understanding of their business strategy, goals, services/products, audience, competitors, and all the other parameters. Only then can we begin our work. Only then can they make informed decisions.

Only then can we act effectively.

If we skip this part, we sabotage the client, the project, and the results.

As I’m sure you've noticed, it’s officially summer now. If you find yourself setting up a tent or ordering dinner in a new language, first understand, then act. But if you find yourself in a water balloon fight or face to face with an angry marmot, maybe just act.

Happy summer!


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