chalkbox newsletter: september 2023

Drip, drip, drip… Assessing a brand system

Our car had a new surprise for us this summer: running the AC creates a small, shoe-soaking puddle in the passenger-side footwell. We’re guessing it’s a cooling system issue. But when I take the car to the shop I will definitely NOT ask them to “please replace the entire cooling system,” or “please check on gasket X.” I don’t know how to diagnose the problem.

Maybe the cooling system needs to be replaced. Maybe the problem is so deep that the whole car needs to be replaced. Or maybe something just needs to be tightened.

I rely on my expert mechanics to survey our car’s systems, run their analysis, and make appropriate recommendations for solving the problem.

I am really hoping something just needs tightening.

Finding clarity

This same dynamic happens in business. I don’t know how to diagnose a tax issue or a software problem. I hire experts because the expert outsider will always see things with more objectivity and clarity than the non-expert insider.

Someone you know is probably struggling to decide if, what, how, or when to spend time and money on their branding efforts. As with my car, they’ll benefit from an expert assessment of what they have, what’s working well, what’s passable, and what is likely leaking opportunities.

chalkbox brand assessment mapchalkbox brand assessment mapchalkbox brand assessment map

Our Brand Assessment (call it an audit, diagnosis, or even triage if you like) provides that clarity. We survey the existing expressions of the brand, the context in which it exists, and the internal engine of the organization. We analyze how all those components are working together (or aren’t) and deliver prioritized recommendations.

Our clients can then address brand issues strategically for the biggest business impact. This is a much better approach than just pulling on some galoshes.

Everyone knows that denial is not a solution. So let’s take a look at those vitals.

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