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Blind to the familiar

Right now I’m looking at a stack of papers on the corner of my desk. It’s been growing over several weeks, and I only notice it when I add something. It has become part of the ‘landscape’ of my work space. I’ve grown so familiar with it that I don’t ‘see’ it anymore.
Story time: One of our amazing clients came to us with a 25-year-old logo that had looked dated for at least 15. After seeing it for so many years, the co-owners didn’t really see it anymore. It took newer staff members to see the problem clearly: their brand and marketing looked very dated by today’s standards, and it didn’t appeal to younger customers the firm needed to attract.
Emerald Pacific Yachts logo, before and after
Lots of mature businesses fall into this pattern, especially if business has been good. Their success lets them ignore things like branding and marketing. But these need to be revisited regularly to remain current and relevant. And whether leaders need to attract younger customers, get their business ready to sell, or update a business they just bought, a health check-up for their branding will always be valuable.

What to do?

If you know someone with a mature, successful business that hasn’t updated its branding in the last 10 years, ask if they’ve had a brand assessment (a.k.a. brand audit or brand diagnostic). They’ll learn what’s working and what’s not, and what to address first. Then they can invest in their brand with confidence.
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