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It’s a New Year! What did we learn in 2018? What are we practicing?

This is the time of year when people reflect on the past and look towards the future. Meaning, they sort through the year’s worth of piles on their desk and find the things that still need to be done. We are looking back to ponder what positive learning we’re carrying forward into 2019. Resolutions are not our thing. What is? Improvement through learning, practice, and refinement of what is already working. Below are some insights from our team members’ living and learning in 2018.

The impacts of good and bad design

It’s easy to think of graphic design solely in terms of how something looks, but both good and bad design can have an impact that extends far beyond simple aesthetics.

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Six reasons you should use motion graphics

You’ll see buzzwords like “engagement” and “brand awareness” come up again and again when you’re doing your homework about motion graphic videos. That’s for good reason: When they’re done well, they can have a big impact on both of those things.