Branding services for growth and continuity

Chalkbox is a branding and design agency that excels in creating and managing successful brand identities. Where a typical graphic design agency might just skim the surface, we dive deep into understanding your goals and what sets your business apart. We provide core branding agency services and emphasize collaboration to craft a meaningful and impactful brand that will engage your unique audience.

A creative branding agency for new owners & leaders

Whether it's a purchase, merger, succession, or other transition – large changes often require a brand realignment. This can come with some unique challenges:

  • Wary staff and customers
  • A change in focus or name
  • Inconsistent past branding efforts

We recognize these are very real obstacles, and we’ve got what it takes to help you navigate these challenges successfully. Chalkbox specializes in building brands for leaders working through major business transitions. Trust us to position you for growth and maintain continuity as you navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

Unlike a typical brand design agency, we work through a transparent, concept-first process that supports the needs of new owners and leaders. We'll work closely with you to create a lasting brand that will move your business forward.

Professional branding services

Our expertise spans more than small-scale graphic design services or strictly digital branding services. We focus on creating strategic brands with services that include visual identity design and applications in digital and print media. If you need help bringing your brand vision to life, get in touch. A professional branding agency is just what you need.

chalkbox brand audit icon

Get an outside perspective. A brand assessment provides the ability to diagnose, to refine, and to evolve. It’s a springboard for what comes next.

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Discover the threads that connect your brand to your audience and business goals. Then form those into a path toward greater awareness, customer engagement.

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Decisions are made with ever-increasing speed, and with more and more reliance on visual cues. That well designed brand is an investment in your future. Is your branding up to the mark?

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An effective website drives engagement, supports customers, and generates new leads. Is your digital branding ready to reel in your audience?

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Complement your digital strategy with tangible marketing materials. Do you have something physical to provide your audience a real-world experience?

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